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The strongest planets in my chart are Mercury by general placement , Saturn rising and leading the locomotive pattern in my chart , and Neptune, chart ruler and most elevated planet. The Sun and Moon are lowest, I fear. That would match what Bob said. It's not rising, culminating or setting. Or does it just not matter much? She said that was likely to bring me great fame or good fortune through my first marriage, or that I would marry someone famous. I was married 20 years to the same guy, but am now divorced. He did help put me through grad school, but it didn't really bring me "fame.

So thoughts on that? Additionally, I noticed that Regulus is much more closely conjunct the MC of a good friend of mine. He's now approaching 40, however, but not famous. He's a part-time lecturer as his "vocation," and again, while very good at it, I'm not sure I'd say he's been exceptionally fortunate. He actually make more money via his "job" which is ironically as a produce guy at an organic grocer! I do recognize salary has little to do with success, but while I wouldn't say he's been unsuccessful and does have a good rep as a teacher, he's not been exceptionally so.

Regulus is sort of the "star opposite" of Algol in reputation. One is the ultimate "bad" star, the other, the ultimate "royal" star. Nothing greater than 2. Last edited by Kenoshamaensa; at AM. I don't use projected star positions, they are rarely correct, i use parans, sadly today i've run out of ink for my printer, so i can't post graphs but i will soon! At time of death Alnilam Belt of Orion was rising at am, while Pluto was setting, both within a degree Alnilam is used by esoteric societies a lot, but obviously here it was synchronicity, we can't see why as we haven't the birth charts of the people involved, i'll post graphs later, but yes there were signs that "something" might happen in that area that was bloody!

Pluto and Alnilam are the God of the dead, connected to Osiris, and yes Algol was connected the the Asc. Mars wasn't far away, approx, 5 degrees, and Pluto was 3 degrees off M.

Last edited by Monk; at PM. It is hardly right to mention that Friday 13th May was very unlucky for poor Jennifer Mills-Westley. It wasn't the first time, the superstition comes from the arrest of the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar, DeMolay! Ancient astrology considered the 'fixed stars' most significant. For me, the above two posts are very interesting!

I recall that the recently elected new leader of Jamaica has stated in no uncertain terms her intention to 'Remove the Queen as Head of State'!

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Originally Posted by serafin5. Twilight Zone music starts playing now Honestly, JupAsc, I really do want to know if Algol will affect me having my moon almost conj. Or if there is a site that offers explanations of these aspects I would appreciate any advice. Thanks, Alicia. All times are GMT. The time now is AM. Contact Us - AstrologyWeekly. Boards' structure and all posts are property of AstrologyWeekly.

No part of the messages sent on these boards may be copied without their owners' explicit consent. User Name. Remember Me? Have you read the FAQ? Mundane Astrology Discuss the astrology of towns, cities, states, provinces, countries, empires, and the world in general. Page 1 of 2. Thread Tools. Caro Senior Member. Algol This is so random and so awful and the area it occurred in a quiet tourist town , I think Im still in shock.

Find all posts by Caro. Chirongirl Senior Member. Re: Algol Quote: Originally Posted by Caro This is so random and so awful and the area it occurred in a quiet tourist town , I think Im still in shock. Find all posts by Chirongirl. Join Date: Mar Location: beantown Posts: Find all posts by piscesnurse. Re: Algol Quote: Originally Posted by piscesnurse This is horrible news gosh i wonder how one finds out where it is in the chart. DreamingTheSeas Senior Member. Re: Algol Quote: Originally Posted by Chirongirl That would be where ever your 26 degrees of Taruas is in your birth chart, and if there is any planet conjunct with in 10 degrees of it.

Find all posts by DreamingTheSeas. BobZemco Senior Member. Join Date: Aug Location: On a web-site far, far away Posts: 2, Originally Posted by Chirongirl and if there is any planet conjunct. There is a mirroring effect on each other, so what you feel or sense is not surprising. Taurus and Libra mirror are both ruled by Venus. Turn the tables… mirror effect. Wow this is so so so insightful…. Finally, i have found something worth it about algol dillemma in my chart. Venus also rules my 9th house Libra.

I dont know if it is my mind or something else. By the way, I have dark brown eyes and people has told me that when I get furious my eyes shines like if i would be a demon. Like if some magnetic discharge that strikes people would be released and they get paralyzed.

I have oscilated in my life with periods of great confidence and periods of being passive. Like if i was afraid of my own power but also like unknown to me. After reading this, I have many thing to think.

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Abella you have outdone yourself. This article describes a huge part of my personality and my mentality regarding women to a T. I mean everything from the mother issues to the need for power and control over my partners, especially through sexual domination, and turning the tables. It was remarkable. But really thank you for this insightful piece. I love the tidbit on the eye color! My Jupiter is exactly at 26 degrees Taurus in 12th house and I have light green eyes with brown spots in my right eye and gold flecks near both my pupils.

Great research Abella. This guy played out word for word the themes in your article, so I can vouch for oppositions being just as potent. I eventually discovered the man was a psychopath to boot — psychopathy and Algol, a poisonous mix! Great article. Algol male here, Ascendent conjunct algol within 1 degree! Wife is and always has been my Goddess, I have always encouraged.

Thank you for such a wonderful article! I am amazed how accurate and spot on you are with this insight! And what is increasing this mother issue even more is his N. Node conj my Mars, both in our 4. I guess my Uranus opposing his Algol Jupiter is keeping me untamed. There are strong mother issues obviously, our families are difficult in different way, and neither would provide us with acceptance let alone support in this relationship. Both mothers are dominant and manipulative, and I knew he is emotionally an infant, needing all the love in the world. But almost all known world is against us, external one and internalized one.

Also, it is still a mistery how we even got together and what is keeping us together as there is nothing we have in common except this fatal obsession with each other.

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Again, thank you for giving me another perspective and a wonderful stimulating insight. I have venus in exact conjunct algol in the sixth. I found this article from a link you put up on astrology weekly. Hi Abella, I really enjoyed your insights and how you express yourself. From a psychological perspective the extremes of what you describe could be considered borderline personality disorder behaviour or insecure, avoidant or disorganized attachment disorder s. From a psychological developmental perspective Glenn Perry for a reference Taurus represents development from 18 moths to 4 years during which time the child is gaining a sense of stability and object-constancy they internalize a good enough mother to whom they are security attached.

When this fails, the inner and physical sense of security needed and desired by Taurus becomes insecurity, lack of self-esteem and false independence. I liked your depiction of the Medusa archetype woman as being made too independent through a lack of mothering with an underlying and unresolved need to be loved and nurtured herself, because its like a puzzle where two people match in some way. Any woman though may be seduced as we all have healthy and normal longings for love, sex, attachment, and nurture — its just are these adult needs or childlike needs.

With a Venus and Mars in Leo, I am so easily flattered — yes, lets talk about me for hours! I posted before I was finished. You did an excellent job of describing this nasty destruction of the Medusa woman in order to take her power away and incorporate it into himself or to spoil it — projective identification. Oh my goodness. This is scary stuff.

Sun conjunct Algol, transforming the demonic

Indeed my scars and my wounds have been inflicted by these themes, in the past and some of the themes are still relevant in my current relationship. I have a distant relationship with my mother who has moon square pluto herself. As Chiron is in the third house this plays out in the communications department. I say things that hurt others so bad. But still, my words can heal people Chiron at the same time.

My current partner has 3 planets in Taurus in 12th house… Including Chiron at around the same degrees of algol there are only 7 months between us. Luckily he wants me to be strong and independent. We are both conscious about how astrology has a role to play in our lives, and that enables us to roll with the ebb and flow of things. Thanks for this article. I really needed to look into this myth. I have 26 degrees Taurus on my Ascendant and so does my niece who also shares the synastry aspect of her Sun conjunct my North Node. He also has Sun conjunct Pluto, also conjunct Mercury wide , with Uranus conjunct Pluto wide in Virgo in a 3rd house stellium, with Saturn Rx in opposition.

His total admiration for my independence, sexuality and beauty is evidently clear. His misogyny is subtle, mirroring his fathers subtle control in childhood. This sexist conditioning is highly subconscious.

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A projection by heteronormative men who feel threatened by strong independent women and want their power to exist only within their masculinity, the more powerful the take down, the better. Seeing the image of the beautiful woman change into a fearsome monster who has enough power to turn a man into stone is so inherently fragile in thinking and unrealistic in historical terms that women ever held such power. The sexist mans irrational fear that women are so scary and must be denied all power is viewed through the sexual lens of attraction. This superciliousness is profound and cynicism about women is used as a defense mechanism.

Ironically, they privilege themselves in gendered ways yet fail to recognise opportunities bestowed by their masculinity. The fathers behaviour was viewed as passive and gentle and the child was unaware of the subtle control used by his father to infantile and discipline him. These dichotomies crystalise in the developing mind of the child and are contained within material and logical realms.

If a young boy had little or no respect for his father, he would naturally want to be different and create an opposite dynamic whereby he separates himself from the disrespected parental conditioning. Awareness, awareness, awareness. Understanding, understanding, understanding. If the man intellectually understands symbolism, it makes it easier to heal. Do not let this man move towards you in any form of creating you as his dependant. He definitely wants to take away your sexual and financial independence. What whimsical folly these comments convey. Astrology only symbolizes what you already are people. It neither compels, nor inspires your present circumstances. On the contrary, one can just as easily state your actions and motivations are the cause of the stars movements, and not the reverse. As such, it can not change, or alter your circumstances, and only serves as a crutch for the ego through pride, presumption and lack of Culpability.

Use the time wasted on this nonsense on something that can truly change your life. Forgive everyone for all real or imaginary wrong doings, for they represent nothing less than you in disguise. You have created and are responsible for all past, present and future circumstances in your life. The stars have no power over your future. Look through the front windshield and not the rear view mirror. This just hit me deep and hard.

I met a man almost exactly 3 years ago today. He was born when Taurus was at 26 degrees. Now this is what is crazy scary, and no one seems to understand what I am saying but…. And that I was born at 28 degrees Sagittarius which is the gallactic center… ugh getting side tracked. Every single time. But when Mars is 1 degree like it was when I was born, or Mercury is at 27 degrees… There he is.

I get it now. I have lived many lives and in every one of them, you are the lesson I need to learn, the enemy I have to defeat, the obstacle I must overcome. I am writing a sort of memoir, my life story, or I had been, anyways, during the 9 months of my last pregnancy. And I remember telling him I was going to end it with him killing me. But just as this article says… He took me..

And made me into this whore. And now I am pregnant. God help me. I suppose I should mention, I have 3 planets in my 12th house, 3 planets in my 11th house, 8th house moon conjunct lilith, mars and pluto in my 9th, and then jupiter in retrograde in my 5th house. I feel like taurus can act as mediums for earthly demons. Something is strange.

This is such superb work. I recently had a kind of profound insight into how much of a relationship I have with this star, and this mythology. My sun is in an exact conjunction with algol in the 12th house.

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She showed up randomly in a bar, and we had this stone cold drunk stare between us that shook me up. It was synchronicitous with the recent solar eclipse, which is what set me on a search for deeper information about this star. I lost my head that night, and vomited, and woke up with a burst capillary in my right eye. Thank you so much for your work. What I found super interesting was Salvador Dali is my favorite artist!!

Also Alicia Le Vans quote resonates deeply with me. The evil interpretations just scare the hell out of me. Sharing same moon degree with Frida Kahlo,too. Considering what kind of sorrows she had to face with. Received some healing in my imaginative experiences. Abella Arthur, Occultist.

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On my new site, I try to file all astrology posts under the Astrology tag but some may get missed so you may want to consider searching the Astrology category. Abella Arthur c When prominent in a natal chart it is said to denote adventurous individuals, but also those who are less than honest in their dealings with others. Of the nature of Saturn and Jupiter. It causes misfortune, violence, decapitation, hanging, electrocution and mob violence, and gives a dogged and violent nature that causes death to the native or others.

It is the most evil star in the heavens. Brutality and violence. If at the same time in conjunction with Sun, Moon or Jupiter, gives victory over others in war. If also in no aspect to a benefic, or there is no benefic in the 8th house, and the dispositor of the Sun in a day nativity or if the Moon in the night one is in square or opposition to Mars, the native will be beheaded; if the luminary culminate he will be maimed, mangled, wounded or torn to pieces alive; and if Mars is at the same time in Gemini or Pisces his hands or feet will be cut off.

The same is caused by Algol angular or with the hyleg. You lose your head in your life on the job. Your passion about it shows clear on that place. What kind of work do you have?