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On some level you are probably ready to snap — but your angels are very much part of this, and they are here to keep you from flipping out.

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The mechanics of living are going to take up much of what happens in the next few weeks. If you've got deeper stuff to contend with, it's going to have to wait. Other things will most likely get completely written off or canceled because you have no time.

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Issues that relate to your career, and any decisions that need to be made about your agreements with people, will show others that you are in no mood to be taken for granted. It will be one more month before you can slow down enough to come back to yourself. Hold steady; it's about all you can do right now. It's been at least seven years since you looked at how things need to go. Contrary to popular opinion, we don't stay in the same groove forever. What needs to happen next isn't something that any of you can be clear about at the moment.

Any impulse to change the way you do things has to be tempered with enough patience to wait till the time is right. Things are going to be back and forth for about six more months. You will be sitting on the fence until it becomes clear that you've got to get around the issues that keep you stuck in limbo, looking at the same old thing. The pressure is off.

Horoscopes (Jan. 3-9)

God knows what happened, but something just clicked. In the course of figuring out what to do next a couple of things come to mind. Everything that you have been working toward has finally begun to take shape. At this point it is less about staying on top of things than it is about taking what you've created and allowing it to walk and talk on its own. The next few months will see the best of what you have to offer being birthed as a new template for things that could change your life, and ultimately open the space for you to change the world.

You have so much going for you.

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It's essential that you begin to see this and learn how to keep your spirits up. For the past couple of years you've had to struggle with issues that have made it easy for you to blame others, or life itself, for all of your woes. At some point it became obvious to you that your attitude needed a facelift. Now, all of a sudden, someone's put a bug in your ear and you're excited about possibilities that were invisible, until about a month ago.

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Keep nursing your enthusiasms and let joy show you how much better things go when you're in it. You're looking for a way to make all of this work. For the last few months your actions have made it hard to tell if you have everyone's best interests in mind, or if you're just looking to make everything work for you.

At this point you don't have a choice. It's time to do whatever it takes to restore your peace of mind; even if it means swallowing your pride, eating a little crow, or lowering your standards and expectations just enough to function cooperatively. It may not be exactly what you want but at least it will give you a way to meet in the middle and go from there.

The weight of responsibility is battling with the need for something out of the ordinary. Ninety percent of the time, this is what all of us are looking at. For some reason you've got the idea that you've got to discipline yourself to take care of business if you want to get somewhere.

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  6. That only becomes true when we love what we are doing. The need to break out will feel more or less acute; it all depends on your ability to turn what you've got into what you want. Look around; ask yourself if you can find a way to put your heart into this. If that's too much to ask, it may be time to get out.

    It's amazing how people don't know how to behave. Your nearest and dearest could be driving you nuts. If it isn't that, there is probably more than one female giving you a run for your money. In most cases, there is nothing you can do about it.

    I get the sense that some of you are dealing with people who have finally shown their true colors. Before you decide to marry your disappointment you need to look at whether it makes sense to carry on. Give this two more weeks.

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    In that span of time more will be revealed and you will have a clearer sense of the truth. For the last six or seven years things have been going according to someone else's plan. Connect with Board Members and Dr.

    Vitti at this month's Board Community Meeting, where members of the community are encouraged to ask questions and participate in a productive and professional dialogue around education and improvement of our school system. For more information, visit detroitk For special assistance, contact Karen Morgan at or karen. Skip to Main Content. District Home.

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