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Fixed signs are not renowned for their willingness to take risks, and yet this is the price of entry to anything worthwhile. You are changing, and your ability to take risks with this new identity is vital to its growth. Hedge your bets or spread the risk out somewhat, but you must be willing to lose in order to win. Keeping a philosophical attitude toward this process can help take the sting out of any losses. Adventures await you on the home-front. Whether it is guests from out of town, renovation projects, or someone needing more or new space, the winds of change are going to keep you up a little.

Get some extra rest and make sure to eat right when you can. Most of all make sure the people you love know that your support is unconditional. The relationships between various groups in your community may be in a state of flux. Your loyalties may be tried in the process. But rather than simply choosing sides, it could be that you can serve as an intermediary and help each group see the others side. To do this, you will need to acknowledge and divest yourself of any conflicts of interest.

We tend to think of resources as finite and limited, but when we really need to we can always dig down and find a little extra. These may appear to be junk at first, but with a little imagination can be transformed. What is truth? Pisces native Johnny Cash wrote a song with this title when an invitation to perform at the White House challenged him to reconcile his conflicting identities as a progressive maverick and conservative family man. Skillfully, he did not deign to the proffered role of patriot, but rather found a way to inhabit both identities by suggesting that helping seemingly misguided youth find the truth was important, as they are the keepers of the future.

How can you similarly reconcile seemingly conflicting parts of your identity?

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Gary P. Caton is a transdisciplinary astrologer who maintains an active sacred relationship with the living Sky as his temple. Find Gary online at DreamAstrologer. Astrological Aspects of Mercury Retrograde in Pisces Because of the back and forth motion, Mercury repeats aspects to the same planet three times during its passage through Pisces. Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces Your ability to switch between and re-define your roles, take creative risks, and expand upon your successes will define your experience.

Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius Your deepest connections may be upset or challenged during this period, whether at home, in business and romantic relations, or in your spiritual community. Aries Discretion is the better part of valor dear Aries, so find some time to get away.

Taurus For all your practicality, you tend to surround yourself with dreamers.

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Gemini You sometimes have a reputation for dancing on the surface and avoiding the depths, dear Gemini. Cancer Expanding your horizons need not involve anything new. Leo You have your reasons for being suspicious of the human heart, dear Leo. Virgo Dates. English name: The Scales. Sun sign dates: September 23 — October Libra Dates. English name: The Scorpion. Sun sign dates: October 23 — November Scorpio Dates. English name: The Archer.

Sun sign dates: November 22 — December Sagittarius Dates. English name: The Goat or Sea-Goat. Sun sign dates: December 22 — January Capricorn Dates.

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English name: The Water-Bearer. Sun sign dates: January 20 — February Aquarius Dates. English name: The Fish.

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Sun sign dates: February 19 — March Pisces Dates. Toggle navigation. Are you Pisces?

What are the Pisces dates of birth? Pisces Dates: The Leap Year Bump In astrology, your Pisces Zodiac sign also called sun sign or star sign is decided by the position of the sun at the moment of your birth, as seen from Earth. Here are the leap years since the beginning of the 20th century:. The nine-to-five life is not for them. Any rebellion they make against convention is personal, however, as they often times do not have the energy or motivation to battle against the Establishment.

Pisceans tend to withdraw into a dream world where their qualities can bring mental satisfaction and sometimes, fame and financial reward for they are extremely gifted artistically. They are also versatile and intuitive, have quick understanding, observe and listen well, and are receptive to new ideas and atmospheres. All these factors can combine to produce remarkable creativity in literature, music and art.

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They may count among their gifts mediumistic qualities which can give them a feeling that their best work comes from outside themselves, "Whispered beyond the misted curtains, screening this world from that. They are never egotistical in their personal relationships and give more than they ask from their friends. They are sexually delicate, in the extreme almost asexual, and most Pisceans would want a relationship in which the partner's mind and spirit rather than the body resonated with their own. Unfortunately they can be easily misled by a lover who courts them delicately and in marriage makes them unhappy by a coarser sexuality than they expected.

They are nevertheless intensely loyal and home-loving and will remain faithful. In their employment they are better working either by themselves or in subordinate positions. Their talents are individual in a commercial business or similar undertaking.

Pisces Health & Wellness Horoscope

They would be afraid to manage more than a small department, worrying always that they would fail in a crisis. They can make fair secretaries and bookkeepers. Their sympathy equips them for work in charities catering for the needy, as nurses looking after the sick and as veterinary surgeons caring for animals.

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As librarians or astronomers they can satisfy their mental wanderlust, and their fondness for "faraway places with strange-sounding names" may turn them into sailors or travellers. Many architects and lawyers are Pisceans, and when the creative abilities are combined with gifts of imitation and the ability to enter into the feelings of others, Pisceans find their fulfillment on the stage.

Their psychic and spiritual qualities can lead them into careers in the church or as mediums and mystics. They may find an outlet for their creativity as caterers, and are said to make good detectives because they can imagine themselves in the place of criminals and understand how their minds would work.